Imperial Imps Shih Tzus

Where the Perfect Shih Tzus come from!

PSA: I watch/babysit my puppies if you ever go away on vacation! I noticed some people didn't see that on this website, but I do! You can come and get a puppy without the worry of where will they go with your vacation coming up, they come back and you can enjoy your vacation knowing your puppy will be taken care of by the person who raised them!!

Featured Puppy!

She is a beautiful, intelligent and very friendly. She loves to make friends! I could go on and on about her honestly, how she follows me around the house and helps me get things done. How she sits at my feet or lap while I am reading. When I wake up and see her ready to go in her pack and play. She has become my shadow and if she does find a home somewhere else, I know that she would be their shadow too!


My name is Marci, if you have any questions you can call me anytime. 609-353-3872.

     I am a fourth generation hobby dog breeder. I have been breeding Shih Tzu's for ten years now and in those ten years I can say there's nothing in this world I love to do more, these are the most loving dogs I have ever had.

    If I do not answer my phone, please leave a message and I will get to you as soon as possible. For information about my breeding program and me, please check out the About Us tab.

     Below is all of the available puppies, for more information and pictures are in the Available Puppies tab. There you will find all available pups with descriptions, pictures and pricing. The Photo Gallery is filled with albums of pictures people have sent to me of puppies they bought from me in the past.

Going on Vacation?

I got you covered! With $5 a day babysitting with any puppy that comes from me.

In the FAQ Tab, I ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS! I tell about the Babysitting I offer, AND MORE!